Joceline Le

"Apple of My Eye is an amazing book. A must have for every family to share that special time with." ~Ryan

Meet Joceline Le

"Apple of My Eye" is Joceline's first book for young children, but it can be enjoyed by all readers. The love for her amazing children & CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) inspired her to write this book as a way to give back to her community. Joceline as a young child & her three children have benefited from the love and professional care of CHEO staff. She plans to continue her fundraising efforts along with her children.

Joceline is an Intuitive Life Coach, Healer and mentor to women who suffer from emotional pain and loss and want holistic alternatives for healing their mind, body and spirit. Through her company, Threelights Healing, Joceline provides emotional breakthrough techniques, healing sessions, advice and resources to help her clients overcome the emotional and physical pain that often accompanies a life changing experience.

At 5 years old Joceline discovered her intuitive skills, which she inherited from 3 lineages in her family. She shared her intuitive experiences with her grandmother who then taught her how to help others with this special gift. Since then, Joceline has honed her intuitive skills and is certified in life coaching, reiki, and magnified healing so she can serve her clients in many different ways.

Joceline is no stranger to painful life obstacles. She suffered a tragic death in her family, learned of her grandmothers terminal cancer diagnoses, was told she could not have children, and was told she would be on dialysis or need a kidney transplant by age 25. To deal with the pain of these experiences, she developed her own healing modality. She now has 3 beautiful, healthy children. She has never been on dialysis or needed that kidney transplant. In fact, tests show her kidney disease is no longer active. She is living proof that you can heal your life. She now uses her unique approach to heal her clients, who are going through similarly painful experiences.

If you have any questions about Apple of My Eye, book orders,school visits or Threelights Healing; you can email