Joceline Le

"We read your book last night. What a beautiful story - we all loved it! We loved the bright, happy illustrations and I especially enjoyed the way the story was written. It is a very moving book. Well done!" ~ Stephanie.R

Apple of My Eye is perfect for any of the following reasons:

  • A Christmas, birthday or special occasion gift
  • A gift for the grandkids, baby showers, newborn, or entire family
  • Encourages aspiring ballerinas, astronomers or sandbox artists
  • A perfect bedtime read (which gets read again, and again, and again...)
  • An excellent early reader
  • Includes a search and find - that's even challenging for the parents
  • Fun, bright, colourful images, depicting real family life

Reviews for Apple Of My Eye

Kathy McCord, Grade One Teacher at St. Gabriel School,Ottawa Catholic School Board
Apple of my Eye enables the reader to feel the connection of family, and be inspired to achieve his/her personal best. Joceline encourages all children to strive for success and reach their true potential. Her book is a treasure which can easily be shared between parent and child or teacher and students. Joceline also adds a hidden game of finding the apples and eyes on each page of the story. The children in my class loved trying to find the various apples and eyes while hearing the important life lessons in the book.
Katie Dalton, Special Education Teacher from Ottawa ON
Apple of My Eye' is a celebration of all those precious moments a parent shares with their child. The illustrations are utterly charming and we love the challenge of finding the images hidden within them. This is a keepsake book that we will read to our little girl again and again.
Jim Brown, Brown Law Office from Ottawa ON
Amazingly, I have already received the books and presented one to my Grade 1 grandson. He and I have had a standing joke over the years about him being the 'Apple of My Eye' so he enjoyed the extra meaning in the book. He has read it and is planning on reading it to his younger sister tonight. Great book, thanks.
Krista, Mom from Ottawa ON
Apple of My Eye is the perfect bedtime story to read to your children. We loved the search in find in every page. The story & illustrations are beautiful. It is destined to be a classic.
Sharleen A. McCorrister, Owner/Director The Greenwoods Academy
The engaging poetic story Apple of My Eye has delighted many young readers since its debut. I am the owner of a Montessori school in North Kanata, The Greenwoods Academy, and we feature this book in two of our classroom reading areas. The pictures are colourful and realistic. The children enjoy the rhythmic cadence of the story as it unfolds and understand the underlying message of unconditional love. This book comes highly recommended by both young and old alike. :) Sincerely, Sharleen A. McCorrister
Lisa Jemison from Durham North Carolinia
I recently had the pleasure of reading Apple of My Eye by the talented Joceline Le. I adored reading the story with my two daughters, aged 3 and 5. To start, the pictures (illustrated by Martin Murtonen) are a color splash of whimsy and imagination, and even a comic book realism that feels fresh and fun. The artwork automatically drew both me and my daughters in to the story and made us eager to see what would surprise us on the next page. As for Ms. Le's writing, her thoughtful words on each page made it easy to share loving sentiments with my girls, as well create an enjoyable story time. The love in her words made us want to snuggle up even closer to each other than we already were, just to follow along with the mood and tone of the story. My five year old found it a doable challenge to sound out most words in the story, which was an added, unexpected teaching bonus to our time together reading. The phrase "apple of my eye" also gave us a neat opportunity to discuss and interpret phrases. My colder child especially was able to grasp the concept in broad terms of apple as a metaphor for sweetness and adoration.
Jeanne Schlesinger, Photographer, Instructional Designer, and very big kid from Richmond Virgina
Joceline,I have to say that “Apple of My Eye” totally stole my heart. I had goose bumps turning every page the first time I read it. The love and connections between parent and child practically jumped off the pages right into my heart with every new message and illustration. I am not a parent, but I have many beloved nieces and nephews. I plan to keep the copy you gave me, but want to order new copies for them. I know they will love the book as much as I do. And finding the apples and eyes definitely kept me on my toes! What a beautiful gift you have created for parents and children alike. It is truly a blessing.
Leah Jackman-Wheitner, Ph.D. from Columbus Indiana
I can't wait to send Apple of My Eye to my little friend, Niklas! This is the kind of story that is made for parents just like Niklas' mom, Lucinda, who want the best for their children and are looking for reading material that affirms relationships and sparks creativity. This book is made for parents who want to start their children off right - knowing that all things are possible and to reach for their dreams. I know my friends will be thrilled to see the embedded messages of perseverance, inner beauty and strength, living one's dreams, and that hard times will "glide by!"
Paula Lowe from Antigonish Nova Scotia
As the mother of 4 and grandmother of 8, I can truly attest to the wonderful gift and testimony of family love that is evident in Jocelyn Le's children's book, Apple of My Eye. As well as being a very colorful and well-illustrated piece of literature, the book also challenges the imagination of both child and adult with its seek-and-find activity on each page. It is also a great avenue by which children can learn about self-confidence, love and great family and personal values. Thanks, Jocelyn, you are the apple of my eye also. HUGS Paula
Chris Makell from Austin Texas
Be transported back to your own childhood when everything was a fresh adventure. Be reminded of the free and joyful spirit you are. Be inspired to celebrate the sweetness of life and the juice available to us all. Whether you have a child with whom to share the beautiful experience of Apple of My Eye by Joceline Le or want to relive a tender time untouched in your mind and heart as a child, the book and its illustrations will take you to a wondrous place you’ll revisit over and over again. Joceline and Martin’s hidden surprise help you to have fun while doing so! Chris Makell, author of A Smack Upside The Head, Your insider’s guide to Blazing Business Success, speaker and entrepreneur mentor/coach
Shannon Reynolds mother of 2 from Knoxville Tennessee
Apple of My Eye let's me see the world through my child's eyes. The pictures paint a beautiful picture of a loving family.Story time is is a special time for this busy family, and Apple of My Eye is a cherished favorite!Finding the hidden apples is the favorite part of the story for my son.
Adam Gilbert father of 2 from Ottawa ON
We really enjoyed how the book shed light upon the bond between parent and child. The illustrations were vibrant and colourful. I enjoyed the small game on each page of trying to find the hidden apple. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and bought extra copies for friends of mine to give to their children.